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100g Bag Diatomaceous Earth (DE) *CodexFood grade for human ingestion.*


Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-created sedimentary mineral formed from the remains of aquatic unicellular shells and algae referred to as diatoms.

Diatoms are 30 million years of age, and were created when these microscopic algae-like plants died and continued to be compounded within the earth's surface as skeletal remains. Our D.E. is sourced from fresh water.

These microorganisms, similar to molluscs, produce lime-carbonate and emit silica.

Researchers make reference to these clay-like, chalky remains as diatomite. Whenever we mine our planet, we uncover these remains as a thick whitened siliceous powder.


Very fine powder - Danger to respiratory health

Wear a suitable dust mask, open outdoors, or buy your D.E. in a re-sealable tub or bucket.