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  • 300ml Artemisia annua Decoction made by our fully qualified herbalist


    Artemisia annua (Sweet wormwood, Sweet annie)

    Purity is paramount. Our concentrated decoctions are made by our fully qualified herbalist using only organic herbs and distilled water.

    Artemisia annua is a powerful herb found from Pakistan to China (where it is called Qinghao su). The highest concentration of active ingredient is found in the leaves, flowers and roots.

    Infections and excesses of yeasts are common in humans in the west. Some 70% of humans have excesses at some point in their lives. Excesses are caused when the commensal bacteria (good helpful bacteria) of the gut are compromised and fail to deal with the yeasts.

    At night in a healthy individual 2.2 pounds (nearly 1kg) of yeasts are consumed by commensal bacteria. These helpful bacteria can be damaged and their numbers reduced by antibiotics, drugs (especially proton pump inhibitors) and the changing of pH in the gut through consuming too much sugar, salt, pickled food or alcohol. The most damaging effects are though caused by stress. Artemisia annua appears to act in two different ways against yeast, one is by attacking the mitochondrial membrane producing free radicals and the other is interfering with ATPs which are dependent calcium transporters within the mitochondria.

    Artemisia annua is powerful stuff, and should be used in short bursts and rarely for more than 8 weeks, although far higher anti malarial doses have shown no side effects.

    Ingredients: Organic Artemisia annua leaves flowers and root, zero p.p.m distilled water

    How to use: As a tonic one tea spoon twice daily.

    Hazards/Cautions: Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage instructions: Store in a fridge.

    Use By Date: Please see label.

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