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525ml Magnesium Chloride Oil 50% *Ultra pure Zechstein sourced* with added Tea tree Oil


Magnesium chloride oil

    Boost Exercise Performance (1)

    Fights Depression (2)

    Can improve Type 2 Diabetes symptoms (3)

    Can Lower Blood Pressure (4)

    Anti-Inflammatory Benefits (5)

Our high purity Magnesium chloride is extracted by solution mining from the ancient Zechstein seabed off the coast of the Netherlands which has the lowest contaminant levels in the world.

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed to regulate body temperature & protein synthesis with an important role in maintaining nerve & muscle cell electrical potentials.

Magnesium Oil isn't an oil as it is made by mixing mag flakes with water. Some people make magnesium oil at home, however I very strongly advise using only ultra-pure zero p.p.m steam distilled water, NOT TAP WATER as it has added chlorine and myriad other pollutants. The amount of unknown chemicals in tap water mean that there will be many unknown chemical reactions with magnesium chloride. These new chemicals will be absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in completely unknown and unpredictable results.

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