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  • Rene Caisse 4 Herb Tea Exact recipe & method Inc Sheep's Sorrel root UK brewed. 550ml


    We manufacture our Professional Practitioner Products to ensure maximum purity and efficacy, most of which we and our families use.

    Essiac type teas are far from equal, Rene Caisse is on record as saying that it "must contain Sheep's Sorrel root or it is no good". Unfortunately, there are no commercial growers who harvest whole-plant Sheep's sorrel only the stem and leaves, it takes 2 years for any amount of root worth collecting to grow & there is no machine that can harvest it, a mattock & significant determination is needed. I found this when first making this for my then 3 year old son in 2005.

    I grow my own Sheep's sorrel on my own completely natural land which is several miles from any source of contamination here in Devon. It must be dug up by hand, pressure washed to separate the root from the other roots that grow among it, one cannot separate it by hand. It is then dried in a commercial dehydrator & powdered in a commercial vitamix as the root is very tough.

    It is brewed in 5 litre batches using only our own quad filtered, then steam distilled water. It contains nothing more, no preservatives of any kind. It has not been x rayed by security at the airport when arriving into the U.K. unlike essiac teas from other countries. Rene Caisse perfected & refined an original native Canadian recipe. Through trial & error the tea was reduced to 4 herbs which must be prepared exactly to the original formula & method.

    All equipment used is stainless steel, it is steam sterilised together with the bottles & lids to ensure the product stays fresh for as long as possible, obviating the need for a preservative. The bottles are filled while the decoction is hot & to the very top so that there is no air in the bottle whatsoever once sealed. This fastidious process ensures the tea remains potable indefinitely when unopened & can be stored in a dark cool cupboard until opened when it must be refrigerated.

    An information sheet is included with every order. Bottled in sterilised food grade U.V. protective glass bottles with tamper evident caps.

    All our packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable.

    For advice pertaining to your individual situation please message me and include a brief synopsis of your current circumstances and what you hope to achieve by using this product.

    Ingredients are as the exact Rene Caisse Recipe: Organic Burdock root 53%, Wild Sheep's Sorrel leaf ,stem and root 35%, Organic Slippery elm inner bark powder 10% Organic Turkish rhubarb root 2% and our own Zero p.p.m. quad filtered steam Distilled water to exact Rene Caisse method.

    How to use: pour the tea into a cup or glass and add a similar amount of hot purified water and drink as a beverage

    Hazards/Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding. High in oxalates so contraindicated with active Kidney stones.  

    Storage instructions: Store in in a dark cool cupboard when unopened, once open store in the fridge and use within four weeks. 

    Use By Date: Please see label.

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