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750g Diatomaceous Earth DE Codex Stand Up Bag Food grade for human ingestion


Diatomaceous earth

    Can reduce blood cholesterol concentrations (1)

    Can reduce heavy metals in the body such as aluminium (2 )

Fights against parasites (3)

Can support stronger teeth, healthier bones, and more flexible joints. (4)

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally created sedimentary mineral formed from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic unicellular shells & algae referred to as diatoms. Our D.E. is sourced from fresh water.

D.E. is made up of 84% silica which is easily crumbled into a fine white poweder. Brown DE is for animal mite control only and must not be taken by humans. The silica in D.E. is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It has been shown that it can lower cholesterol with reports that it has a positive effect on blood pressure

D.E. can even help to remove heavy metals such as aluminium & may be able to safely remove viruses & parasites from the body. This is thought to be because D.E. has a very strong negative charge & this has an affinity for yeast, fungi & viruses.

D.E. helps with the fight against internal parasites by flushing the smaller ones from the body & the larger parasites in the digestive tract are damaged by the D.E. before being eliminated in the faeces.

All of these health benefits can be achieved without any harm to your beneficial bacteria.

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