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  • Nikken Pi Mag Water Optimiser click here to learn more


    The Nikken Pi-Mag optimiser is an effective and easy way to change tap water into mineral rich, healthy cooking and drinking water, after purification.

     We distill our water for ultimate purity, but are left with a slightly acidic life-less water with no minerals. The Nikken Pi-Mag puts life back into our water.

    The device creates a vortex within the water passing through its specially designed ring filled with minerals and energising magnetic field.

    The PiMag Optimiser has a digital display panel with an automatic timer, a two-litre jug with a pouring spout that closes during operation.

    For dosages and usage instructions pertaining to your individual situation Please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone on 01398 351410 or e mail for a professional consultation concerning this supplement, free of charge.