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Rhino EQ-300 Whole House Filter

The Rhino is a relatively large piece of equipment at 35cm wide and 80cm tall. 

Activated Carbon Filter

Reduces chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other chemical substances that are likely to be present in your tap water. 

The Rhino filter is a whole house system that is an indispensable domestic appliance. Its filtration process is a sophisticated 4 stage process that produces water that is of a higher quality than even bottled water. It is sent through our entire house for pennies a day. The EQ-300 whole house water filter supplies filtered, healthy water to every tap in our house. It is in my opinion the ultimate point-of-entry system for my family's needs. We drink, bathe and shower in only pure, healthy water. Without doubt one of, if not the, best investment you can make in your health and well being 

The four stages are,

Stage 1 - seperste pre filter that removes the sediment that is in every water supply. This is the brown unit at the top of the picture. The cartridges within it, which are white when first installed are easily changed and cost £3 each. The one shown is 3 weeks old, I change them monthly The muddy water that runs out was truly shocking to me when I first changed one. Once the sediment is removed, it can't clog the main filter, thus preventing reduction of the main filters life.

Stage 2 - A process called “water atomization” fuses granules of copper and zinc together, creating a natural element media. This combination initiates an active filtration method, possessing a characteristic known as redox potential, alters the molecular structure of chlorine and turns it into harmless chloride.

Stage 3 - Contains large granules of bituminous- activated carbon for improved filtration, enhanced clarity and taste. This medium is recognized by the EPA as the “Best available technology” for water filtration.

Stage 4 - Contains a small granule of coconut shell-based activated carbon for an expanded surface area, No backflushing..