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Lugols Iodine - 12% - 10ml bottle w/ Pipette top


Lugol's Iodine 12%

Necessary for the thyroid gland’s proper performance of its work (1)

Treats iodine deficiency (2)

Sustains Cognitive Abilities (2)

Regulates Metabolism (3)

Iodine is an essential mineral to the human body yet is one of the minerals we are most deficient in.

The human body cannot produce iodine. We depend on food to provide the iodine we need. It is obvious that the iodine content of the thyroid gland is dependent upon the iodine in the food & water we eat and drink.

Iodine deficiency is a world health problem. The most recognized form of deficiency is goiter. Worldwide iodine deficiency is thought to be the most common preventable cause of mental retardation. Scientific studies have discovered that if we don't get enough iodine, it can reduce the capability of our organs & lead to a host of problems including goiter, muscle pain, reduced alertness, dry mouth & dry skin.

Iodine is necessary for proper function of the thyroid gland. All of our blood passes through the thyroid. During this time the thyroid’s secretion of iodine kills weak microorganisms that have gained entry into the blood through an injury to the skin, lining of the nose or throat, or through absorption of food from the digestive tract.

If the gland has its normal supply of iodine strong microorganisms are rendered weaker during their passage through the gland. With each pass through the thyroid they are made weaker until finally they are killed.


Per metric drop - 1/20ml

Potassium iodide content – KI 4.063mg

Elemental iodine content – I²2.031mg

Total Iodine Content 6.094mg

supplied with a pipette top for accurate dosage

NOTE - Iodine will degrade the rubber bulb on the pipette so rinse out with water after use. Shake bottle well before each use

(1)Effect of Lugol Solution on Thyroid Gland Blood Flow and Microvessel Density in the Patients with Graves’ Disease. Yeşim Erbil Yasemin Ozluk Murat Giriş Artur Salmaslıoglu Halim Issever Umut Barbaros Yersu Kapran Selçuk Özarmağan Serdar Tezelman https://doi.org/10.1210/jc.2007-0229 (2)Iodine deficiency and its consequences for cognitive and psychomotor development of childrenRoberto Gastaldi,Monica Muraca, Agnese Beltramo, and Elena Poggi doi:10.1186/1824-7288-40-S1-A15 (3)Iodine, Iodine metabolism and Iodine deficiency disorders revisited Farhana Ahad and Shaiq A. Ganie

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