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1050ml (2 x 525ml) Ashwagandha Decoction and 1050ml (2x525ml) Artemisia Decoction Bundle


Ashwagandha and Artemisia bundle

Of the three main extraction methods used to produce herbal remedies, decoctions are simply the best. Macerations use solvents which may leave harmful residues in the end product, tinctures contain alcohol which is a systemic poison. Decoctions extract mineral salts and bitter principles through simmering herbs in water for a prolonged period. They contain far higher levels of active ingredients, no alcohol and can be made from hard plant parts unlike infusions. Our decoctions are made in small batches from organic ingredients by our fully qualified herbalist. They are also a superior form of supplementation than tablets or capsules, as many of those have artificially made ingredients and contain filers, flowing agents, excipients binding agents and preservatives. Also they often contain only one active ingredient neglecting the fact that molecules work synergistically in the body.

Ashwagandha is a very versatile yellow flowered oval leaved herb traditionally grown in India, Africa and the middle east. Ashwagandha is a relative of the tomato and produces small red fruits but they are the size of a grape.

Artemisia annua is a very versatile herb found from Pakistan to China (where it's called Qinghao su). The highest concentration of active ingredients are found in the leaves, flowers and roots.