Due to the nature of medicinal products and customs regulations we do not ship outside of the UK.
  • High Strength Oregano Oil - 10ml With Pipette - Min 80% Carvacrol


    High Strength Oregano Oil -10ml Glass Bottle with Pipette

    I hold 12 SNHS diplomas including Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Herbalism, Advanced Homeopathy. This broad knowledge enables me to assess a diverse range of health issues using my knowledge and experience of many different, yet integrated perspectives.

    We manufacture our Professional Practitioner Products to ensure maximum purity and efficacy, most of which we and our families use.

    We only use certified organic Oregano Oil sourced from the medicinal strain of the herb(Origanum Vulgare L) as opposed to the species used as a culinary herb (Origanum Marjoram) which contains far fewer therapeutic benefits but is of course far less expensive to purchase hence its common use in supplements. Undiluted medicinal Oregano Oil is a very powerful substance indeed and if used undiluted on the skin will burn and sting the skin. If ingested orally it will destroy microorganisms indiscriminately good and bad. So must be diluted with carrier oil before use. Our ready to use high strength Oregano Oil is mixed with organic virgin olive oil in a ratio of 50-50. Due to it's high strength this product should only be used with direction from a health care professional.

    This product is shipped with a pipette in the bottle and a dropper insert which can be screwed onto the bottle at your convenience.

    Ingredients: Organic extra virgin Olive oil, Organic wild crafted Mediterranean Oregano oil.

    How to use: As part of your daily wellness routine, 3 drops before meals or as directed by your health care professional.

    Hazards/Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

    Storage instructions: Store in the fridge once opened and use within nine months.

    Use By Date: Please see label.