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  • Lugols Iodine - 12% - 35ml bottle w/ Pipette top


    Iodine is an essential mineral to humans as it is involved in virtually all bodily processes. Deficiency is far more common than most realise. Our Lugols iodine which we manufacture ourselves to ensure its purity is a mixture of elemental mined iodine and potassium iodide mixed in the proportion of 1 : 2 together with our own quad filtered steam distilled water. For a free one to one consultation on the use of this product pertaining to your individual circumstances please contact us for advice from our fully qualified naturopath.


    Per metric drop - 1/20ml

    Potassium iodide content – KI 4.063mg

    Elemental iodine content – I²2.031mg

    Total Iodine Content 6.094mg