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  • 450g Poultice Herbs - As Used by Rene Caisse


    Rene Caisse's recipe for tea can also utilise the herbs, after they have been brewed.

    Burdock –This herb has a history of use stretching back 800 years.

    Slippery Elm –  Has a long historical use 

    Sheep Sorrel –  Rene Caisse said  “without it ,it is no good”.Always check that any product using her formulation contains the essential fresh root.

    Turkey Rhubarb – The final essential herb

    To make a poultice make a paste from your herbs using purified water(not tap water) then place the mixture between two layers of cloth and apply to the skin in the desired area. Thin cloth such as muslin or cheesecloth works best, try to avoid thicker material that will absorb the moisture or reduce the contact between herbs and skin. Place a waterproof cover over the poultice and hold or tie in position.