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  • 525ml BeneBact - All natural additive free gut reconditioner - Beneficial gut bacteria



    BeneBact is a premium gut reconditioning liquid, naturally hand brewed in Devon to ensure the utmost quality and purity. The organisms listed below are the cornerstone of the human microbiome. However their populations within the gut are destroyed by antibiotics, alcohol, preservatives, as well as the Chlorine and Fluoride in tap water. Western medicine neglects deficiencies of the gut microbiome, while treating the consequences using drugs which mask the symptoms and exacerbate the root of the problem.  

    Adults should start with a dessert spoon (10ml) of BeneBact twice a day 20 minutes before meals (total daily dose 20ml), in purified water for one week. Double to 2 dessert spoons twice a day before meals (total daily dose 40ml). Alternatively, mix the total daily dose in a litre of purified water and drink throughout the day. Never add to hot or chlorinated water. Children should take smaller amounts based on fraction of adult body weight. Do not exceed recommended dose.

    Ingredients: our own quad filtered steam distilled 0ppm water, organic Sugarcane molasses (used up by fermentation), aerobic and anaerobic organisms (effective), a proprietary blend of homegrown Rosmary, Thyme, Marjoram and Maca root, Himalayan crystal salt