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Colloidal Silver 30ppm *Made with our own steam distilled water* choose size from drop down menu


Colloidal Silver 30ppm made with our own steam distilled water Packed in glass bottles

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Colloidal silver is created by electrolysis to suspend elemental silver in groups of particles 15 atoms or fewer, each with a positive electric charge attached to simple protein molecules, in distilled water. Colloids of silver should remain suspended, as opposed to sinking to the bottom, as the electric charge is stronger than gravity. High quality colloidal silver should therefore not require shaking before use, or be dark in colour. Pale yellow colloidal silver is optimum as the particle size affects the colour of the solution. Larger particles produce a darker coloured liquid.

Ingredients: 99.9% fine silver, zero ppm distilled water

How to use: as directed by your health care professional.

Hazards/Cautions: Keep out of reach of children.

Storage instructions: 
Store in a fridge

                                                                                                  Use By Date: Please see label.