Due to the nature of medicinal products and customs regulations we do not ship outside of the UK.

100ml Atomiser Top - Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 12% H2O2 H-O-O-H Bond


Hydrogen Peroxide 12%

[FAMILY-OWNED & OPERATED BUSINESS] – Handmade in Devon | Low prices, yet high quality products | All of our products and consultations are provided by our fully qualified Naturopath

[PURE] – Produced and manufactured in our UK clean room for ultimate purity

[POTENT] - High potency Hydrogen Peroxide available at concentrations of 3%, 6% and 12% (11.99%)

[SOURCE] - We use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Diluted using our own quad-filtered, steam distilled water

[BENEFITS] - Disinfectant | Antimicrobial | Antiseptic | Bleaching Agent | Can be used around the home and for personal care | Can be used on plants

[NATURAL] – Unstabalized | Additive Free | Preservative Free | Alcohol Free

[DIETARY INFO] - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans | Kosher

[PACKAGING] - All of our packaging is recyclable from home, biodegradable or reusable | Comes in light resistant glass bottles

Hydrogen Peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen. Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide is considered the worlds safest all natural effective sanitiser. When Hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material it breaks down into only oxygen and water. Your body makes Hydrogen Peroxide to fight infection which must be present for our Immune system to function correctly. White blood cells are known as Leukocytes. A sub-class of Leukocytes called Neutrophils produce Hydrogen Peroxide as the first line of defence against pathogens.

Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used in the House and Garden as a cleaner and sanitizer for multiple uses.


In case of contact with skin or eyes flush with plenty of water.


Hydrogen Peroxide should be stored in the fridge.

Bottled Glass UV Resistant Bottle

All our packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable.