Due to the nature of medicinal products and customs regulations we do not ship outside of the UK.

Iodine Disinfectant Spray 275ml - All Natural Additive Free - for Human and Animal Use


Iodine Disinfectant Spray

Iodine is a natural element and one of the most powerful disinfectants on the planet

Supplied with an atomiser for safe and convenient application onto affected areas

Produced in our UK clean room for ultimate purity

We use only easily recyclable packing materials - No Bubble Wrap - No Polystyrene - No Plastic Tape

Produced in our clean room using our own quad filtered steam distilled water

Directions: Apply 3-5 sprays to affected area as many times as required. Beware the product will stain clothing and carpets.

On top of being an essential nutrient Iodine is also among the best antiseptics available on the planet. It is the disinfectant of choice for surgeons in all developed countries thanks to its indiscriminate ability to eliminate bacteria, protozoans, viruses, moulds, fungi and yeasts. This spray can be safely applied onto cuts, abrasions, and wounds of humans and animals, it has a shelf life of many years making it a great addition to any first aid pack or travel bag.