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  • Lugols Iodine - 20% - 110ml bottle with a pipette


    20% Lugols Iodine Highest Concentration Available 110ml with a pipette

    -Produced in our UK clean room for ultimate purity

    -All packaging used is either recyclable from home, biodegradable or easily reusable

    -We manufacture so no middleman profit, low Devon overheads, low prices yet high quality products

    -Made using our own quad filtered steam distilled water

    -Free of any Additives whatsoever

    Instructions for use: apply 3 drops to base of neck (thyroid) before sleep at night

    Ingredients: 6.66% Elemental Iodine, 13.33% Potassium, 80% purified water.

    Iodine is an essential mineral to humans as it is involved in virtually all bodily processes. Deficiency is far more common than most realise. Our Lugols iodine which we manufacture ourselves to ensure its purity, is a mixture of elemental mined iodine and potassium mixed in the proportion of 1 : 2 together with our own quad filtered steam distilled water. For a free one to one consultation on the use of this product pertaining to your individual circumstances please contact us for advice from our fully qualified naturopath.

    This product is shipped with a dropper insert in the bottle and a pipette which can be screwed onto the bottle at your convenience.