Due to the nature of medicinal products and customs regulations we do not ship outside of the UK.
  • Magnesium Rest Aid Oil 275ml with a pump | Transdermal Magnesium Oil Infused with Organic Essential Lavender Oil


    Magnesium Rest Aid

    Organic Lavender essential oil and ultra-pure Magnesium Chloride with no additives whatsoever

    Our Magnesium Chloride is only from the Zechstein source - High Purity - produced using only our own quad filtered steam distilled water

    Naturally relieves symptoms of disorders such as restless leg syndrome and general restlessness

    We only use easily recyclable packing materials - No Bubble Wrap - No Polystyrene - No Plastic Tape

    Produced in our clean room using our own quad filtered steam distilled water

    Directions: for best results massage 5-10 sprays into the chest and temple as a part of your bedtime routine. The oil can also be used to alleviate stiff joints and aching muscles. Massage into affected areas.

    Magnesium is the second most abundant ion in our cells, they can’t function properly without it. It is used in most vital processes in the human body such as: converting food into energy, protein synthesis and gene maintenance. It is even used every single time we twitch a muscle. The pace of modern life in combination with our removed-from-nature diets can leave Magnesium levels depleted. Being such a vital element, a deficiency of it can lead our bodies to struggle and express serious afflictions, including those which affect quality of sleep. Our Rest Aid allows you to reap the relaxant benefits of magnesium supplementation, in conjunction with the well-known naturally calming properties of organic Lavender essential oil.