Due to the nature of medicinal products and customs regulations we do not ship outside of the UK.
  • Pure Water Midi Clasic Steam Water Distiller click here to learn more


    Just as Mother Nature takes ocean water and makes pure, rain water, a Pure Water distiller duplicates the Hydrologic Cycle inside this appliance.

    1. Normal tap water enters the boiling tank.
    2. The heating element boils the tap water and produces steam.
    3. Steam passes into the condensing coil, the impurities are left behind.
    4. The fan cools the steam and converts it to water — pure, distilled water.

    A custom built, stainless steel floor stand is available for easy movement. It allows the unit to be elevated 45cm from the floor. This is the ideal accessory when enough counter top space is a problem. For movement of distilled water, the unit is specially equipped with mounting holes to allow easy fitment of a demand pump. With this added feature, distilled water can be pumped and dispensed through a tap or piped to a refrigerator.