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  • 50ml - Olive Leaf Extract with Oregano Oil


    Olive Leaf Extract with Oregano Oil

    The olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt where it was thought to be by the Egyptians a symbol of “heavenly power” and has been used ever since. Olive leaves were also mentioned multiple times in the bible where it is refereed to as “The Tree of Life”. Olive leaf extract has been used in the human diet as an extract, an herbal tea and a powder for millennia.

    Olive leaf extract comes from the dark green leaves of the Olive tree (Olea europaea) and contains the active compounds - Oleuropein Hydroxytyrosol ,luteolin ,apigenin ,rutin ,catechin ,caffeic acid and elenolic acid.
    Scientific studies have shown that Olive leaf extract is used for it's multitude of therapeutic properties including being antimicrobial, anti fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anthropogenic & antiviral which makes it so beneficial for such a variety of issues.

    We only use certified organic Oregano Oil sourced from the medicinal strain of the herb(Origanum Vulgare L) as opposed to the species used as a culinary herb (Origanum Marjoram) which contains far fewer therapeutic benefits but is of course far less expensive to purchase hence its common use in supplements. Undiluted medicinal Oregano Oil is a very powerful substance indeed and if used undiluted on the skin will burn and sting the skin.

    Ingredients: Organic Olive Leaf Flesh, Organic Mediterranean Oregano oil, Our Quad filtered steam distilled 0ppm water, Organic extra virgin Olive oil

    How to use: Shake before use. As part of your daily wellness routine, 3 drops before meals or as directed by your health care professional.

    Hazards/Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

    Storage instructions: Store in the fridge once opened and use within nine months.

    Use By Date: Please see label.